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Suffering in the ancient, Roman and Greek periods

Presentation Suffering has been obvious in human race for a considerable length of time. Truth be told, each person has endured somehow. Enduring bungles all societies of mankind. Enduring has no restriction. To certain individuals, it is a piece of life while to others it is a discipline from the divine beings. Additionally, to certain individuals it goes about as a restorative measure while to other it goes about as evil.Advertising We will compose a custom article test on Suffering in the old, Roman and Greek periods explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Different individuals from various societies characterize enduring in variation ways. Be that as it may, the procedures they experience during enduring will in general meet. This paper will investigate the subject of enduring in the antiquated, Roman and Greek periods (Steiner, 1906, p. 1). Enduring Every human discovers him/herself confronting languishing. It accompanies or without greeting. Enduring may come as a notice figure or as a perplexing one. Enduring has pained man since the start of the world. In light of various perspectives, strict areas have accepted that enduring began with the transgression of Adam in the nursery of Eden. Then again, others have accepted that it started with man once he appeared. Be that as it may, one intermingling is that enduring has shaped piece of human race from that point forward. Old individuals experienced enduring just as the advanced ones. In such manner, enduring has navigated mankind. At whatever point individuals attempt to esteem life, they think that its important to think about the contribution of enduring in it. Enduring has been considered as the eradicator of harmony. Additionally, it has likewise been considered as a damper of expectation and joy. In any case, it is important to take note of that world and social advancements have attempted to diminish human misery (Reisinho, 2012, p. 1). Manners by which enduring is reflected Ancient st ories recount people who experienced numerous issues, which influenced their states of being. Among these included Cicero and Philoctetes who experienced hopelessness and gloom in their open and private lives. Archeologists have additionally figured out how to demonstrate states of enduring in the old universes. They have released various individual just as ecological components that added to enduring in antiquated occasions. These included torment, mental anguish and gloom, social and political abuse, physical impediment and constant diseases, among others. Eminently, enduring was profoundly predominant in antiquated world since they encountered oppressive regimes, poor framework, and legendary social aspects.Advertising Looking for exposition on history? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Suffering in Greek society was deciphered from multiple points of view. For example, Aeschylos, a tragedian considered it to be a method o f procuring information in old Greek. Generally, he considered it to be something that brings both the advantage and weakness. Actually, Greek scholars accepted that enduring was experienced profoundly by individuals who esteemed life. In addition, Selenus thought that it was shrewd for a man not to be conceived since it just presented to him/her anguish. In any case, impact from religion additionally made a few Greeks to acknowledge enduring as a feature of life since wrongdoing, malevolent and enduring are bound together (Reisinho, 2012, p. 1). It can likewise be noticed that in the antiquated western culture, experiencing apparently resulted a faulty universe. In such manner, a few scholars in that period felt that the universe had a deficient nature and in this way an abhorrent quality. For example, Hippocrates accepted that this damaged nature of the universe came to fruition because of the contrasts among characteristics and components of room. Then again, Christians accepted that experiencing came unique sin. In any case, different scholars like Manichees accepted that enduring came about in light of the fact that the maker made derisory work by the maker he accepted to be a demiurge. Once more, others like Stoic would not recognize the presence of anguish. Besides, Galen and Aritole accepted that enduring was felt by an enthusiastic soul. Basically, the old, Greek, and Roman periods comprehended experiencing in disparate manners going control to surrender, among others (Pilch, 1990, p. 1). Comparability and Differences Between Suffering in Ancient and Suffering in Modern World It can be noticed that in all cases enduring was viewed as abhorrent in certain quarters of the old world as is seen today. For example, similarly as Hippocrates accepted that it came as a result of deformities known to mankind, the cutting edge world (which has become materialistic) accept that individuals experience enduring due to deficiency in their endeavors. Another compara bility is obvious in Rene Descartes’ contention that enduring could be acceptable. This assessment is shared by Aeschylos, who accepted that enduring helped individuals to gain information. Strict world has not changed widely as they share a typical accept that through diligence in enduring they will defeat abhorrent. Notwithstanding, the differentiations have likewise ascended over affliction. For example, present day world administered the partition of body from Saul, all the while, sorting enduring with the physical body. This was not normal in the antiquated world. Besides, Leibniz figured out how to make a qualification among substantial and moral abhorrence. In such manner, enduring was ordered with physical detestable instead of the old occasions when there was no detachment (Reisinho, 2012, p. 1).Advertising We will compose a custom article test on Suffering in the old, Roman and Greek periods explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Conclusion Suffering has been comprehended with blended response in mankind. While a few segments have denied its reality, others have acknowledged it. Then again, the individuals who have acknowledged it have likewise contrasted on its beginning, methods of relief, and explanation behind being. Notwithstanding, religion has assumed a focal job in it understanding among other dedicated. What's more, scholars have additionally made strides in their disclosure of its activities (Fiero, 2011, p. 15). References Fiero, G. K. (2011). The humanistic custom, Book 1: The primary civic establishments and the traditional inheritance (sixth. Ed). New York, NY: McGraw Hill. Pilch, J. (1990). How We Redress Our Suffering: An Exercise in Actualizing Biblical Texts. Web. Reisinho, E. (2012). Life Is Cruel: Pain and Suffering. Web. Steiner, R. (1906). The Origin of Suffering: Origin of Suffering, Origin of Evil, Illness and Death. Recovered from This exposition on Suffering in the antiquated, Roman and Greek periods was composed and presented by client Ayla Brown to help you with your own examinations. You are allowed to utilize it for research and reference purposes so as to compose your own paper; be that as it may, you should refer to it as needs be. You can give your paper here.

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ACT Prep

Is There Asian-American Discrimination in College Admissions and SAT/ACT Prep SAT/ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips As of late, there has been generous inclusion about whether schools oppress Asian-Americans in affirmations and even test prep. I don't get that's meaning for these understudies? By what method should such understudies explore SAT/ACT prep and school affirmations? This article overviews the present condition of confirmations and gives a few hints. Disclaimer: The perspectives communicated in this article don't really speak to those of PrepScholar or any partner. While in any event, proposing this subject can be viewed as questionable, I likewise accept, as an instructor, that I’m answerable for offering guidance that enables the best number of understudies to comprehend the scene. This article explicitly addresses Asian-Americans applying from the US and not candidates straightforwardly applying from Asia. Presentation The crossing point of race and school confirmations has consistently been a touchy issue, however as of late it has bubbled over to the front pages of papers. Human science educator Thomas Espenshade composes that â€Å"To get equivalent thought by first class universities, Asian-Americans must outflank Whites by 140 [on the 1600-scale SAT].† Data from the National Center for Education Statistics show that, while Asians of school age multiplied over the most recent 25 years, their enlistment rates at Ivy-League schools have remained the equivalent. S.B. Charm, organizer of the National Asian-American Educational Foundation,concludes that the â€Å"discrimination is obvious†. Others safeguard utilizing race as a factor in confirmations. Chief of Education Equity Khin Aung contends that considering race permits advantages of decent variety, for example, â€Å"creating the best learning environment.† Jeff Neal, a representative at Harvard, expresses that Harvard â€Å"continues to help the utilization of comprehensive affirmations process, which verifiably incorporates race. To find the present condition of discussion on the point, you should simply Google â€Å"Asian school admissions†. Are Asian-Americans Discriminated Against in College Admissions? The estimation of governmental policy regarding minorities in society is questionable, however the presence of governmental policy regarding minorities in society is undisputed. By far most of specialists in school confirmations and SAT/ACT prep concur that governmental policy regarding minorities in society exists - school affirmations isn't thoroughly oblivious to race. Given an ACT/SAT score extend, Asian-Americans have a lower acknowledgment rate than the normal white American in numerous information setssuch as the Espenshade and Radford 1997 tip top school affirmations information. In like manner, a study of the conceded class of 2017 at Harvard uncovered that SAT scores for Asians (counting Indians) were higher than those of whites. Be that as it may, as any individual who has examined insights can let you know (and I do have a Master’s certificate in the field), those realities above are relationships and not causations. They recommend, yet don't demonstrate, that an Asian-American with in any case a similar application to a similar school as a white American will have a lower possibility of affirmation. I consider this the Hypothesis that being Asian Lowers Admissions Chances (HALAC). HALAC, obviously, infers that being Asian implies that getting into a given school will be harderfor you than for a white American. What This Article Does and Does Not Do This article will offer you guidance regarding what an Asian-American might need to consider doing to amplify odds of school confirmations. On both the front of the college and the administration, arrangement moves too gradually for it to assist most Asian-Americans with this issue. Thusly, this article doesn't take any position on the right institutional approaches or political perspectives as a reaction to HALAC. Furthermore, given that causality is hard to demonstrate, this article doesn't take a position on whether causally the HALAC impact exists. Rather, this article centers around things you, as an Asian-American, can do right presently to amplify your odds of being acknowledged into top universities. On the off chance that you read through the proof and accept that the HALAC impact exists, at that point the proposals beneath can be valuable to you. On the off chance that you Google the proof and don't think it bolsters HALAC, that is fine as well - the counsel beneath will be less relevant to you all things considered. What Doesn't Work Before I give you the tips for what works for Asian candidates under the HALAC impact, I will initially go over what completely doesn’t work. To start with, lying doesn’t work about just as you would think.What in the event that you just don’t check the Asian box? Imagine a scenario where you check â€Å"don’t need to disclose†. The issue is that universities can frequently tell your race through different methods. You do need to give schools your lawful name - if your last name is Nguyen, Lee, Kim, or Patel, for instance, the affirmations staff will more likely than not make sense of it. Shouldn't something be said about simply changing your name or making up your name? This will truly get you into heated water as schools are quite acceptable about calling your past educators and running historical verifications on you. A decent general guideline is this: if an easygoing companion who realizes you would unambiguously say you’re of Asian ethnicity, it’s difficult to get around it. Simply put down that you’re Asian and be finished with it. By coming clean on your name and eth nicity box, you in any event signal trustworthiness. Then again, in the event that you have a genuine purpose behind not recognizing as Asian, at that point you can, truth be told, think about this way. Assume you’re hereditarily 25% Asian and 75% Hispanic, and your folks were both conceived in the United States. Some school applications request that you relate to one or the same number of ethnicities as you need. Under the HALAC impact you likely would like to overlook Asian, whenever permitted. Likewise, mass activity will seldom work to further your potential benefit for affirmations. By mass activity, I mean fighting the HALAC impact, suing schools, whining to the legislature, etc. Schools might be hesitant to concede an understudy prone to cause the organization a headache.Remember, college organization is an exceptionally political substance. The administration political procedure likewise works way too gradually. It will cost millions to battle it out in court and years to arrive at a judgment. On the off chance that you will probably raise your odds of confirmations under the HALAC impact, I would mull over recording an official complaint. Obviously, there are other fine reasons that you might need to make mass move later on, maybe because of your political or moral convictions. Notwithstanding, I’m simply revealing to you that, quite often, making official or mass move won’t increment your own transient odds of getting into a specific school. Who Does This Article Apply To? This article applies substantially more to Americans of Asian legacy, for example understudies who have concentrated in the US in any event a couple of years before they apply to school. It applies substantially less to understudies who are applying legitimately from another nation. These last understudies are better named worldwide understudies. For them, there is an entire arrangement of different variables that are increasingly significant - for instance craving of a school for internationalstudents, credibility of reports, and so on. All through this article, the term â€Å"Asian† incorporates Indian and other ethnically related neighbors - since the information over these gatherings are on the whole comparable. How You Can Combat the HALAC Effect Since you comprehend what the HALAC impact is, how might you utilize that data to build your odds of getting into top schools? The following are three techniques for battling the HALAC impact; read through them to figure out how to boost your odds of confirmation. Stage 1: Account for the HALAC Effect Before you can battle the HALAC impact, first you need to discover where it exists. The HALAC impact isn't something that can be mysteriously deleted by simple activity on your part. In this way, in light of the HALAC impact, the first and most significant thing that an understudy of Asian legacy ought to do is to represent it effectively. By this, I mean understanding that your odds of getting in are lower and arranging as needs be which universities you’ll apply to and how you’ll concern them. Representing the HALAC effectmeans that you ought to change where your compass, target, and security schools are. Rather than putting them as high as you would something else, target them a little lower. On the off chance that you target excessively high, you risk overshooting - not getting into your preferred objective schools and rather getting into a wellbeing school that you didn’t invest a lot of energy exploring. You ought to likewise represent the HALAC impact more at traditionally â€Å"elite† universities. Universities that are US News positioned 1-10 likely experience the ill effects of HALAC, with the impact diminishing through schools 10-50 in rank. The impact turns out to be a lot of lower in schools positioned over 50. Truth be told, most HALAC examines center around the top universities for precisely this explanation: the impacts are progressively thought and all the more measurably noteworthy there. There are numerous potential explanations behind the grouping of the HALAC impact on profoundly positioned universities. Relatively, more Asians apply to these schools, prompting the HALAC impact when universities broaden away from Asians. Likewise, these schools will in general consideration the most about assorted variety factors since they are now oversubscribed by incredible scholarly entertainers. These assorted variety factors will in general be enormous drivers of the HALAC impact. On the other hand, an all the more tolerably appraised school will show a lesser HALAC impact in light of the fact that, to them, somebody scholastically solid is itself an incredible resource. How would you represent the HALAC impact? One technique is to apply to more schools while doing applications. Apply to multiple times the quantity of arrive at schools you would some way or another and double the quantity of target schools. Applying to more schools guarantees that you make up for lower possibility

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The Times of the New Year Free Essays

My closest companion was a medication someone who is addicted and I needed to help her into recovery. She would not like to go to recovery so we revealed to her we were taking her to disneyland. She was eager to such an extent that she drove right home and gathered her packs. We will compose a custom paper test on The Times of the New Year or on the other hand any comparable point just for you Request Now Each nation has their own vacation framework. Various nations have various occasions. There are likewise some normal occasions that individuals celebrate far and wide, for example, Christmas and New Year. Various nations have their own meaning of the New Year. was said that quite a while prior, there carried on a horrendous brute named† Nian† In the mountain. Consistently, on the principal day of the year, which Is the main new moon of the year, the brute would stir and slip upon the town. The Vietnamese lunar New Year celebration, Tet Nguyen Dan, Is the most critical occasion occurring inside the initial three days of the New Year. The closer New Year comes the more energized and excited individuals are. By and large, groundwork for Tet begins multi week before New Year’s Day. The New Year’s cake New Year’s cake Is a baked good made of the flour of glutinous rice nd utilized basically in the lunar New Year time frame. 1 . Presentation (300 words) The New Year cake Is an exceptional Year merchandise In Spring Festival. Those Rice cake were made by glutinous rice. A Turbulent Year for Israel 1996 has been an exceptionally fierce year for Israel. This Iles In the death of Yitzhak Rabin on November 4, 1995. Step by step instructions to refer to The Times of the New Year, Essays

Change In Urban Society Essays - Urban Studies And Planning

Change In Urban Society Change In Urban Society Toward the finish of the eighteenth century an insurgency in vitality and industry started in England and spread quickly all around Europe later in the nineteenth century, realizing sensational and radical change. A huge effect of the Industrial Revolution was that on urban culture. The number of inhabitants in towns developed immensely in light of the fact that monetary preferred position involved that the new manufacturing plants and workplaces be arranged in the urban communities. The viewpoint of the city and urban life all in all were significantly changed and adjusted. Present day industry made industrial facility proprietors and business people who fortified the riches and size of the white collar class. Next to the extension of the bourgeoisie, the time of industrialization saw the rise of another urban low class - the common laborers. The life of this new gathering and its relations with the white collar class are questionable issues to present day history. Some accept that the Industrial Revolution unavoidably caused a lot of human wretchedness and pain. Different history specialists proclaim that Industrialization brought monetary improvement for the working classes. The two ends ought to be able to a limited degree. Monetary development doesn't mean more bliss. Given the contemporary stories by individuals around then, life in the early urban culture appears to have been more serious than students of history are generally head to portray it. No consensuses about normal law or unavoidable advancement can dazzle us to the reality, that the advancement where we accept has been succeeded to the detriment of much bad form and wrong, which was not inescapable. In any case, I accept that industry was a salvation from a fast populace development and massive destitution. Besides, before the finish of the nineteenth century the presence of European urban communities and life in them had advanced and improve. Industrialization was gone before and joined by fast populace development, which started in Europe after 1720. Individuals had genuine trouble giving their resource by just developing their food. There was far reaching neediness and underemployment. Additionally, the requirement for laborers in the city was enormous. An ever increasing number of processing plants were opening their entryways. The aftereffect of this was a huge relocation from the wide open to the city where laborers were at that point being utilized. The quantity of individuals living in the urban communities of at least 20000 in England and Wales bounced from 1.5 million out of 1801 to 6.3 million by 1891 (Mckay, 762). With this mass departure from the open country, life in urban zones changed definitely. Congestion exacerbated by absence of sanitation and clinical information made life in the city very hard and hopeless. A portrayal of Manchester in 1844, given by one of the most energetic pundits of the Industrial Revolution, Friederich Engels, passes on in incredible detail the lamentable standpoint of the city. ?the disarray has as of late arrived at its tallness when each piece of room left by the old method of building has been topped off or fixed over until not a foot of land is left to be further occpupied (Engels 2). Absence of sanitation made individuals live in such foulness and filth that is difficult to envision. In dry climate, a long string of the most sickening, blackish-green, ooze pools are left remaining on this bank, from profundities of which air pockets of miasmatic gas continually emerge and give forward a smell excruciating even on the scaffold forty or fifty feet over the o utside of the stream (Engels 2). The horrifying day to day environments in the city during the beginning periods of the Industrial Revolution realized two significant changes. By building up his popular germ hypothesis of sickness, Louis Pasteur realized the supposed Bacterial upset and lead the street to restraining the savagery of the demise in urban zones brought about by unsanitary and stuffed day to day environments. The hypothesis that sickness was dispensed by microorganisms totally changed current medication and achieved the significant wellbeing development in the city. After 1870 sanitation was a need on the motivation arrangements of city organization in most industrialized European nations. Urban arranging and transportation after 1870 changed European urban areas into excellent and captivating spots. Water gracefully frameworks and waste removals development were joined by the structure of lanes, townhalls, theaters, historical centers. The best advancement around there at that point - the electric trol ley tremendously

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CBest Online Best Essay Samples

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Lifes Overhead - Free Essay Example

Ever hear a businessperson talk about their overhead? Overhead is the embedded cost to delivering the product or service. It may include wages, employee insurance, commercial rent for office space, business insurance, cost of vehicles, office equipment and other fixed costs below the line. In short, every cost an employer incurs before he makes a profit. Life too has overhead. Twenty years ago, I first encountered the term one Sunday morning in a short piece written by an Arizona Republic guest columnist during the holiday season. In it, she referred to the notion that life itself seemed to have compressed over the years. Free time evaporated. To Do lists were longer Must Do lists were more demanding. She called it Lifes Overhead. Those 700 words and the sentiment they conveyed made a lifelong impression on me. I wonder what she would write today as lifes overhead has now become even more smothering and the net time we have left for family, relationships, community and, most importantly, OURSELVES, has diminished to the point of a point of zero for many. This is especially true for the under-resourced and low-income population. The increased time spent simply trying to be a functional human being, layered with the external costs and time demands laid upon us by modern societal institution (both public and private) can leave us exhausted and even hopeless. So, in a broad a context, that is my answer. We, as individuals in civil society, are increasingly tethered by burdens not of our making. These burdens cannot be ignored and effectively navigating through them has become necessary to function in todays world. The perplexing dilemma is that life continues to become more complicated and we sometimes just dont have the bandwidth and coping skills. In my view, this is a colossal barrier to health and self-sufficiency and Id love the opportunity to expound more during an interview. THANKS FOR THE SPEECH ERIC BUT THATS NOT THE ANSWER WERE LOOKING FOR For now, consider the first 3 to be my top 3. In drawing that opinionated line, I maintain that they are all potential ingredients in a complex cocktail of social and economic issues that make self-sufficiency challenging. To list the 3 major factors as the most pressing is to ignore many of others because the answer is as personal as the individual or family experiencing it. In truth, there exists a long list of problems that, taken individually or collectively, prevent or exacerbate a persons inability to make a go of it. HOUSING ISSUES â€Å" Even though Phoenix is a relatively affordable housing market, the costs of home ownership has spiked dramatically. My own modest house 4 miles from downtown has more than doubled in value in the six years Ive owned it. The average family of four would have to make about $60,000 to qualify for an FHA loan assuming no other debt. That is not affordable. Even the most superficial analysis of the apartments being built in the Phoenix market will reveal that a very small percentage of them are affordable. Luxury apartments fuel the market. Consider also that most renters must demonstrate a stream of income, post a security deposit and surmount other hurdles before they can ink the lease. Potential landlords run credit and full background checks that often disqualify renters. TRANSPORTATION â€Å" Making a living in the Phoenix metro area has always meant car required for over 90% of us. The Light Rail system and expansion of in bus service, telecommuting, bike to work and other options have helped provide desperately needed alternatives. Still, if a person does not have personal transportation, if that transportation is unreliable or if they dont have connectivity from their residence to potential employers it is a near insurmountable problem. Affordable housing and easily accessed employment are often not geographically proximate. HEALTH MEDICAL ISSUES â€Å" The cost and availability of health care was the most important issue for many voters in the recent election. If the 50% of the eligible voters who turned out to vote articulated this concern, imagine how huge the issue is for low income individuals families that may not even be registered to vote or just didnt show. Some supporting facts: Costs have spiked. The pool of available providers has shrunk (particularly in General Practice). Access to Specialists is restricted by insurance companies or providers leaving the field. There are gaps between AHCCCS, Affordable Care Act coverages and Market Based insurance assuming one can qualify or afford them. And more but the upshot is that large number of people are going uninsured and a minor medical issue can soon become a major one. It can rapidly trigger a downward spiral. On a personal note, as I write this, I am 3 weeks post-op from a successful knee replacement. For too many, that surgery would not be available, and they would eventually become increasingly immobile and unable to function. SUDDEN or TRAUMATIC CHANGES â€Å" Think what any of the following would mean to you in your life: Loss of a job. An accident that prevented you from working. Sudden Illness for yourself or a family member. Divorce or other family trauma. A DUI. Any of these setbacks can be insurmountable or trigger a cascading set of problems for middle class Americans. Now imagine youre a low-income family or person. Could you bounce back? Many simply cannot and fall through the safety net. MENTAL HEALTH â€Å" The state of Arizona defunded many of the CMI services over two decades ago and a corresponding spike in homelessness soon followed. People with untreated mental conditions are less likely to be physically healthy, functioning or economically self-sustaining. For some, it become irreversible. Also, arguably, the Criminal Justice system is increasingly the tool used to address mental health issues. To the extent that this continues it diverts precious tax dollars from other services, stigmatizes people, and exacerbates the long-term problem â€Å" especially for those desiring to enter the workforce. TECHNOLOGY â€Å" We live in a world that now requires technology. This essay is being written on a computer at my kitchen table. It will be submitted by email. I discovered the job opening while surfing on my iPhone. But what if I could not afford a computer or phone (or couldnt keep it operating properly)? What if I couldnt afford an iPhone much less my $71 monthly Verizon bill? This problem barely existed 20-30 years ago but today it is the elephant in the room as we become a society of technology haves and have nots. BANKING FINANCIAL SYSTEMS â€Å" The old joke goes that banks will lend money to everyone except those who need it. If a person lives from check to check and cannot establish an account and keep a minimum balance, they effectively cant function on a level playing field with the rest of society. Say they dont have a credit or debit card in an economy that increasingly demands both. Often, a credit card is required to make a purchase or to validate entry into the Internet of Things electronic world where commerce is increasingly conducted. What if a person has none of has lost their credit? Also, todays use of credit scores goes far beyond traditional applications for credit. A low score can impede a persons ability to find employment and housing and even increase the cost of car insurance. Little recourse is available or effective in righting the wrongs of credit agencies and bad credit is an often-overlooked factor in keeping people trapped in poverty. FOOD Food is life no less than air and water. Nutrition is different from food. As our food supply system has become more industrialized and mass marketed there has been a corresponding rise in poor quality highly processed foods that are less healthy and laden with fats, sugar and preservatives. The human body adapts poorly. Diabetes and obesity cases have skyrocketed. Over processed food substitutes are more convenient, dont take time to prepare, are readily available and are even considered addictive â€Å" but consider the choice in the context of lifes overhead. Over time, the damaging impact of a poor diet often leads to poor health. Causation is clearly demonstrated. Correcting the damage takes personal resolve and the economic means to make the change. And the gym membership and daily exercise so fundamental to my life it an unattainable luxury for many. UTILITY COSTS â€Å" I recently lived in New England where much of the energy source is natural gas wheeled in on pipelines from Canada. It is expensive and service disruptions can be life threatening. Six states are in various stages of the process of diversifying and decentralizing their energy mix to make the system more resilient. Doing so will lower costs to all consumers and proportionately benefit lower income citizens to a greater degree. Here in Arizona, the seasonal nature of the problem is different, but the demands are similar. People need electricity to cool their homes, run their appliances (what if you didnt have a refrigerator, washer, dryer, oven, microwave or God Forbid a TV)? What if you couldnt charge your computer or cell phone? What if you couldnt pay your water / sewer / sanitation bill? The ability to flip a switch be it a thermostat, light or any appliance is taken for granted, but how quickly life changes without it. Shelter (housing) is not enough without f unctionality (utility service) and that is why programs like the ones you administer are literally a lifeline. To conclude, I need to conclude. Of course, there is much more and there is no single correct answer. Identifying and articulating the problems is a start. Understanding the problems and the complex interplay between them requires thoughtful empathy and compassion. Addressing them through public, private, nonprofit and other means in an efficient, cost effective and impactful way is always the challenge. Id be delighted to speak to you in person.

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Analysis Of The Appearance Theme By T. S. Eliot, Tennessee...

Sydney DeBerry Motlow English 2130 Mrs. Lockhart 20 November 2014 An Analysis of the Appearance Theme in Three Works by T. S. Eliot, Tennessee Williams, and Arthur Miller â€Å"Once you allow yourself to identify with the people in a story, then you might begin to see yourself in that story even if on the surface it s far removed from your situation. This is what I try to tell my students: this is one great thing that literature can do -- it can make us identify with situations and people far away. If it does that, it s a miracle,† remarked Chinua Achebe, novelist, poet, and professor, in an interview on his career with literature (â€Å"An African Voice†). Chinua Achebe is right that literature can supply readers with insight into their own worlds. One theme that readers can identify with is appearance; appearance meaning the way one values their presentation and how others preserve them. Primarily, the three before mentioned works offer readers the understanding that appearances can be deceptive and that people have more layers than just their outer appearance. Because the power appearance has over people has intrigued readers of all t ime periods, authors T. S. Eliot, Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller have shed light on the theme with their works â€Å"The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,† A Streetcar Named Desire, and Death of a Salesman. First off, appearance was exceedingly significant in T.S. Eliot’s â€Å"The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,† and readers have a lot to learn fromShow MoreRelatedStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pagesand permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrieval system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. To obtain permission(s) to use material from this work, please submit a written request to Pearson Education, Inc., Permissions Department, One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458, or you may fax your request to 201-236-3 290. Many of the designations by manufacturersRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 Pagesbuilt-in pretests and posttests, focus on what you need to learn and to review in order to succeed. Visit to learn more. DEVELOPING MANAGEMENT SKILLS EIGHTH EDITION David A. Whetten BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY Kim S. Cameron UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Prentice Hall Boston Columbus Indianapolis New York San Francisco Upper Saddle River Amsterdam Cape Town Dubai London Madrid Milan Munich Paris Montreal Toronto Delhi Mexico City Sao Paulo Sydney Hong Kong Seoul SingaporeRead MoreProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 PagesLeadership Chapter 2 Organization Strategy and Project Selection 1.4 Projects and programs (.2) 1.4.1 Managing the portfolio 1.4.3 Strategy and projects 2.3 Stakeholders and review boards 12.1 RFP’s and vendor selection (.3.4.5) SWAT analysis Schedule compression Leadership skills G.1 Project leadership 10.1 Stakeholder management Chapter 11 Teams Chapter 3 Organization: Structure and Culture 2.4.1 Organization cultures [G.7] 2.4.2 Organization structure